Ballet dances typically consist of positions and movements that are put together to create a dance.

List of the Basic PositionsEdit


  • First Position- Feet are turned outward in a very wide V shape
  • Second Position- Same as first, but the feet are slightly more apart
  • Third Position- with the heels touching, this is similar to first position except that one foot is brought closely behind
  • Fourth Position- Like third, except feet are farther apart
  • Fifth Position- Same as third, except each heel is touching the toe of the other foot


  • Gras Bras
  • First Position
  • Second Position
  • Third Position
  • Fourth Position
  • Fifth Position

Basic MovementsEdit

Plié - this move is usually done at the barre. The participant bends their legs from either first or second position and then stands up again. This is usually paired with basic arm motions.


An arabesque not done en pointe

Arabesque - when not done en pointe the arabesque is also a relatively simple move. With one leg on the ground and one high in the air, the participant usually pairs it with one of the five positions of arms.

Attitude - Same as an arabesque, but the leg in the air is slightly bent.

Chasse - a ballet-like slide, usually paired with a low jump

Advanced MovementsEdit

Foutté en pointe - perhaps one of the most demanding movements of ballet, the participant spins around with the leg switching from on the knee to up to the side, done en pointe

Arabesque en pointe - same as a regular arabesque, except done en pointe

Ballet North - Kristin Smith First Arabesque

Arabesque en pointe

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Foutte en pointe

Attitude en pointe - same as a regular attitude, except done en pointe